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3D Scanning

One of my interests has always been Scanning, right back to 1997 when I used a flatbed scanner for the first time to get a high res copy of my friends ID so I could make one for myself.

Now 3D scanning is quite common and there are all sorts techniques and devices that you get off the shelf. I picked up one of the 'Sense 3D' scanners from Cubify, which is cool but a little limiting. It's really easy to use and very fast but the resolution lets it down a little. I was hoping the detail would be a bit higher. The Sense is a lot of fun though, you can do a bunch of scans in minutes of all sorts of things and have them right there to play around with.

What I'd really like to do is build a setup like Infinite-Realities, which use multiple DSLR cameras to capture a subject from every angle all at once, then use photogrammetry software to stitch the images together and create a 3D mesh. Which is great for creating 3D meshes of living things like people and animals or capturing 3D poses in motion.

Has anyone got 20 Canon DSLR's they want to lend me :)


Cheers, Aidan.